Opening hours are?

Wicked escorts are open every day from Noon. We close at 4am Sunday through to Wednesday. Then Thursday, Friday & Saturday we are open until 7am. You can still make an overnight booking any night of the week though. 

Genuine photos?

We are very strict when it comes to photos. We only ever use real genuine & recent photos of our escorts. The only edits to them are the blurring of faces (where requested) and of course the removal of tattoos for privacy reasons. We DO NOT airbrush our girls up to make them look better than they are. 

How Can I Book?

All you need to do is call us on 0113 8800 363 to make a booking. Its a good idea to check the rota page to see if the girl you want to book will be working on that day/at that time prior to calling us. You can also make a booking using our sms services, providing you have pre-registered for it of course. Go to our SMS bookings page to sign up to book by SMS. Feel free to ask us any questions when it comes to ensuring you are going to be getting an escort that is well suited to your needs!

Can I book in advance?

We welcome such bookings. Usual booking procedures apply, except you will need to confirm the booking on the day as well. 

What payment methods?

You need to make payment to the escort in CASH as the start of your booking with her.

How discreet is it all?

With us things are extremely discreet. We only require very limited information from you in order to make a booking. You do not need to use your real name to book under either. The girls are well adapt in the art of discretion. So you never need to worry about them attracting under required attention at anytime.

Can I just not turn up for a Booking?

You can do this, but you will be classed as a no show. If you do this you will be warned about it once, then if you do it again you will be barred from the agency for good!

I turned up but left, what should I do?

In these cases there is usually a good explanation. We are very approachable, so please feel free to let us know why!

Can I make a request?

Your most welcome to make any kind of requests you desire. We will ALWAYS pass these on to the girl as required. If you find the escort has not actioned the request, please let us know even where she tries to tell you we did not tell her about it. As this will never be the case.

Are the girls known to you?

Each of the Wicked escorts has been met by us in person. Ensuring accuracy and standards are met in every regard.

What if I have a complaint?

If you should ever have a complaint, then please do let us know! So we can resolve the same and ensure it does not happen again. Every agency gets complaints from time to time, we are no different. Where we do differ is the manner in which we handle them.

Are the reviews genuine?

Most certainly! We only every publish real honest reviews of the wicked escorts.